Achilles Therapeutics

Achilles Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel cancer immunotherapies targeting clonal neoantigens: protein markers unique to each individual that are expressed on the surface of every cancer cell. Achilles uses DNA sequencing data from each patient, together with a proprietary bioinformatics platform, to identify clonal neoantigens specific to that patient and enable the development of personalised cell therapies. Targeting multiple clonal neoantigens that are present on all cancer cells, but not on healthy cells, allows individualised treatments to target and destroy tumours without harming healthy tissues.

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Dara Henry
LinkedIn logo VP Business Development 
Beverley Carr
LinkedIn logo CBO 

Albumedix Ltd

Albumedix is an integrated biotech company with a strong pipeline of  albumin-enabled therapeutics developed by partners (incl. CSL Behring, Merck & GSK) utilizing our innovative albumin-based, drug enhancing products and technologies.

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Jonas Moller
LinkedIn logo Chief Executive Officer 
Gary Willingham
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Harriet Edwards
LinkedIn logo Director, Regulatory Affairs 

Arctoris Ltd

Arctoris Ltd is an Oxford-based startup revolutionising cancer research by combining robotics & AI. Arctoris enables researchers to configure their experiments remotely and have them executed in a fully automated cloud laboratory.

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Martin-Immanuel Bittner
LinkedIn logo Co-Founder & CEO